Triple Nickels Race Recap

Monday, August 6, 2018
MILLINGTON, Tenn. (August 6, 2018) – The Triple Nickels $5,000 bracket race was at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) over the weekend, and it brought three fantastic days of competitive bracket racing to the Mid-South with big-money purses guaranteed on all three days. The Luttrell Belting & Supply No Box class and the Rick’s Powder Coating Box class raced all three days, with high car counts and beautiful, warm weather.

The first round of finals on Friday night in the Rick’s Powder Coating Box class had local racer, TJ Tracey, from Millington, TN, racing against Rusty Ashmore from Como, MS. Tracey was racing his 2010 Racecraft and the pressure of a $5,000 purse on the line wasn’t enough to impact his performance. He took the win, running a 4.855 on a 4.55 DI at 111.66 MPH. Ashmore had trouble and he had to let off, finishing with a 10.330 on his 6.39 DI at 50.18 MPH.

Friday night’s finals in the Luttrell Belting and Supply No Box class pitted Nick Curl from Mt. Vernon, MO, against Dustin Bryant from Litchfield, IL. Vernon raced his 71 Dodge Demon and Bryant was running his 2001 Miller. This was Curl’s first time ever racing at MIR, and the 350 mile drive down from Missouri paid off when he took the win, and the $2,500 purse, running a 6.180 on his 6.10 DI at 96.86 MPH. Dustin’s car had trouble as he came off the line and he had to let off, handing the win to Curl, running a 11.231 on his 5.91 DI at 56.62 MPH.

In Saturday night’s finals race in the Rick’s Powder Coating Box class, Stacy Tritch, from Paragould, AR, faced Koy Colier. Colier made the long drive up from Shreveport, LA to race this weekend and he almost went home with a big payday, but he caught a red light in the finals, giving the win to Tritch, who ran a 4.760 on a 4.77 DI at 140.55 MPH.

The second finals on Saturday night, in the Luttrell Belting and Supply No Box class, brought Nick Curl back into the finals after taking the winning in this class on Friday night. Nick was able to keep his winning streak alive on Saturday, beating Jeremiah Butler. Curl ran a 6.139 on a 6.12 DI at 110.02 MPH on a 0.31 reaction. Butler took runner up, with a 5.822 on a 5.84 DI at 118.45 MPH with a 0.39 reaction. Curls first visit to MIR was a lucrative one, with $5,000 in combined purse wins. We look forward to seeing him return for our next Triple Nickels race in November.

The Rick’s Powder Coating Box class on Sunday had Billy Fuller Sr., from Brandon, MS, racing against his son, Billy Fuller Jr. Fuller Sr. was racing 71 Duster, which is the same car that he drove his wife to the hospital in when she gave birth to their son, and his competitor in this race, Billy Fuller Jr. Dad was able to best his son, running a 5.558 on a 5.55 DI with a perfect reaction time at 123.35 MPH. Billy Fuller Jr ran a 4.657 on a 4.65 DI at 146.35 MPH with a .002 reaction time.

The last finals race of the weekend, in the Luttrell Belting and Supply No Box class had Lucas Walker, From Mayfield KY, racing his 1993 Ford Mustang against MIR regular racer, Tommy Jackson, from Millington, TN. Both racers had two entries in round 6, and in that round Jackson beat Walker. Walker then was able to beat Jackson’s second entry in Round 7, securing his place in the finals. Walker took the win in the finals after Jackson broke out. In Walker’s winning pass he ran a 5.540 on a 5.53 DI at 119.51 MPH with a .006 reaction. Jackson ran an 8.737 on an 8.76 DI.

The next Triple Nickels race is the final one of the season on November 9th, 10th and 11th












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