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Homer Skelton Ford vs Mopar Event Results / Ford takes it on the track - Mopar takes it in the show

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Homer Skelton Millington Ford Vs Mopar show saw beautiful weather, gorgeous cars and a lot of action on the track pairing up with the Nostalgia Drag Racing League joining the party.  

With four distinct classes on the line it would come down to Ford Vs Mopar on the track and in the car show.  It was a day to determine what manufacturer would walk away with bragging rights.

On track, the finals would come down to Ford vs Mopar and Ford vs Ford.  The Fords and Mopars would be combined at eight cars giving each manufacture four cars representing them in the quarters to see who would out last, out race and take home the victory.  

Bracket 1:  The final would see Patrick Richardson paired against Mike Brunell of Horn Lake, MS.  Richardson who was flawless all day would equal his best reaction time on the day, but it wasn’t enough to take the win with Brunell’s .007 reaction time, running a 5.60 with a one on a 5.60 dial in.  Richardson was .016 on the tree running a 6.10 with a one on a 6.08 dial in.  Ford takes the victory!

Bracket 2:  The finals would once again come down to Ford vs Ford.  The youngster of Garrett Martin would have the bye in to the final, at just 16 years old, this was his first race in the 1969 Mustang.  The other side of the draw would have father-son of Joseph and Donnie Spicer doing double duty in the 1966 Ford Mustang having to decide who would go to the finals against Martin – the nod would go to Donnie’s son, Joseph Spicer.  As two proud fathers watched on, Martin would turn on the red and Spicer would turn on the win light.  Ford takes the victory!

As we move into Bracket 3 – Mopar had one final chance to take a victory on the ¼ mile championship dragstrip and that they did.  The final coming down to the 2013 Ford Mustang of Craig Pifer and the 2004 Dodge Ram truck of Michael Epperson.  With a six second head start, Pifer was a little too anxious on the tree turning it red and Epperson would take the win in his 20014 Dodge Ram.  Mopar takes the victory!  

As the day winded down, the judging came to an end and as various classes were judged it would all come down to who was the best of the best between the two manufacturers.  For best of Show in a Ford would be James Brewington of Bono, AR and in a Mopar would be Wayne Ellis of Ripley, TN.  Brewington showing a 1964 Ford Fairlane with Ellis showing a 1974 Cuda.  The best of overall show would go to Ellis in the 1974 Cuda giving Mopar the overall win on the car show.  

Full Car Show Results: 

Homer Skelton Millington Ford Car Show:
64-73 Mustang Stock
1973 Mustang - Rick Duncan - Collierville, TN 

64-73 Mustang Modified
1966 Mustang - Ron Blum – Southaven, MS

74-93 Mustang Stock
1993 Mustang - Mike Meyers – Southaven, MS

74-93 Mustang Modified
1993 Mustang – Wally Britton - Olive Branch, MS
1989 Mustang – Greg Holley – Byhalia, MS

2005 – Newer Mustang
2015 Mustang – Barry Gillespie – Munford, TN

Ford Open Modified
1964 Fairlane – James Brewinton – Bono, AR

Street Rod
1925 T-Bucket – Gary Taylor – Munford, TN

1964 Cobra – Mel Bain – Bartlett, TN

Truck Modified
1957 Ranchero – Jim Ward – Munford, TN

Big Car Modified
1964 Galaxie – Paisley Binger – Springhill, TN

Falcon, Maverick, Torino
1964 Falcon – Barbar Hillyer – Plainfield, IN

Truck Stock 
1970 Power Wagon – Wayne Ellis – Ripley, TN

1985 Shelby – Leslie Colbert – Munford, TN
1987 Shelby – Joseph Colbert – Munford, TN

Specialty Awards:
Best Engine:  Wally Britton – Olive Branch, MS
Best Interior:  Barbar Hillyer – Plainfield, IN
Best Paint:  Rick Duncan – Collierville, TN
Best Detail:  Greg Holley – Byhalia, MS
Best of Show:  James Brewington – Bono, AR

Homer Skelton Millington Mopar Car Show:

Truck Modified
2005 Ram – Don Johnson – Southaven, MS
2004 Ram – Alex Lacey – Horn Lake, MS

Mopar “A” Body
1970 Dart – Joey Harvey – Southaven, MS
1970 Dart – Rick Powell – Millington, TN

Mopar “E” Body 
1074 Cuda – Wayne Ellis – Ripley, TN
1973 Challenger – Phillip Richardson – Millington, TN 

LX-LC Stock
2015 Challenger – Chuck Williamson – McCrory, AR
2010 Challenger – Roger Williamson – McCrory, AR

LX-LC Modified
2015 Magnum – Ronnie Caruthers – Southaven, MS
2009 Challenger – Nicole Taylor – Somerville, TN 

Specialty Awards:
Best Engine:  Phillip Richardson – Millington, TN
Best Interior:  Don Johnson – Southaven, MS
Best Paint:  Rick Powell – Millington, TN
Best Detail:  Chuck Williamson – McCrory, AR
Best of Show:  Wayne Ellis – Ripley, TN 

Thank you for Homer Skelton Ford of Millington and Homer Skelton Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep on your partnerhsip for this great battle of the Manufacturers. 

Full photo album:;Tc2Crnh~;R55A3hnhKLYLKL~;cIB7mJhooh4g2GxLfiBUjRZd~_oCNhfYs4TpAexUYS9pmcEKBVfTN~_EJDJA8AfYFfkJ~_lK870Cl1gF~;gCP7WhsoCTUfFrOQrvXCCjyG9Y4N4i75ZAzFLBW4rEvJB8oM9SdL5QhY9C7SmqT60htmUeZFxF31DnZmBCKb9ho~_jNaLmW3GE6lt7pbveWeoDzU5GfhbND6x9~_7G54.bps.a.1497543776969460.1073741953.151474078243110/1497552186968619/?type=3&theater


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