Elam Doubles Up at Ironman Classic

Monday, August 10, 2015
A weekend of Summit Bracket Racing Series presented by COMP Cams racing at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) was capped by Sunday’s IHRA Ironman Classic and David Elam’s big afternoon.

Elam has a lot of trophies in his collection, but he’d never won an Ironman. Elam filled that hole in his collection on Sunday and brought home a spare after winning both B&B Towing Footbrake and the RT Turbines DOT Street races.

“I’ve always wanted one of these,” Elam said in the MIR Winner’s Circle. “Now I have two. One for the house and one for the shop.”

The other Ironman winners on Sunday were Stacy Tritch in Rick’s Powder Coating Super Pro and Devin Johnson in RT Turbines Junior Dragster.

Elam won the RT Turbines DOT Street first over Billy Foster Sr. Elam won with a pass of 9.279 seconds at 142.52 mph on a 9.26 second dial in. Foster broke out with his run of 14.344 at 89.11 on a 14.39 dial. After taking a couple of minutes to let his engine cool down, Elam rolled his Nova to the starting line for a final round battle with Harold Shackelford in B&B Towing Footbrake. That one was decided at the starting line when Shackelford left .034 seconds too early and fouled out. Elam’s victory lap was in 5.892 seconds at 117.22 mph on a 5.90 dial.

Tritch beat Buddy Ferrell for the Rick’s Powder Coating Super Pro win. Tritch ran a 4.939 second lap at 135.65 mph on a 4.90 dial. Ferrell broke out by just a hair, running 6.372 at 107.32 mph on a 6.38 dial.

Johnson won the RT Turbines Junior Dragster Ironman after opponent Lawson Roberts fouled out, leaving .050 seconds too early. Johnson’s victory lap was an 8.903 at 72.28 mph on an 8.88 dial.

The 6.0 and 7.00 classes were also in action on Sunday. Caffey Broadus won 6.0 over Tirtch in a double breakout final. Broadus ran a 5.991 at 114.98 mph to take the win while Tritch ran a 5.960 at 123.95 mph. Jim Roach won 7.0 when David Smith went red in the final. Smith left .008 seconds too soon and Roach’s victory lap was in 7.026 seconds at 95.93 mph. Lawrence Smith was the Contingency Connection Racer Rewards winner on Sunday as well.

Saturday night saw a huge field in Rick’s Power Coating Super Pro and J.R. Barclay came out on top in the final against Rusty Ashmore. Barclay had a winning pass of 4.443 seconds at 155.01 mph on a 4.44 dial. Ashmore finished in 6.939 seconds at 99.82 mph on a 6.92 dial.

It proved to be a lucrative night for Barclay as took home the first place money, Saturday night’s Contingency Connection Racer Rewards prize and like his fellow winners in B&B Towing Footbrake and RT Turbines DOT Street, also won a prize pack courtesy of Richmond Gear and Contingency Connection.

David Ciarloni was the B&B Towing Footbrake winner with an on the money run over Greg Rushing in the final. Ciarloni made a pass of 6.140 seconds at 110.53 mph on a 6.14 dial. Rushing crossed the line in 6.970 seconds at 95.61 mph on a 6.96 dial.

Foster Sr. was a winner in RT Turbines DOT Street when Randy Gregory left .003 seconds too early in the final. Foster’s victory lap was in 14.300 seconds at 92.42 mph on a 14.30 dial. Steve Davidson, who was racing for the first time at MIR, won the RT Turbines Bonus on Saturday.

Justin Poindexter beat Tara Taylor in the RT Turbines Junior Dragster final. Poindexter had a .002 reaction time on the way to a 8.021 second pass at 78.40 mph on a 8.00 dial to get the win over Taylor who crossed the line in 7.994 seconds at 81.60 mph on a 7.99 dial.

Jeremy Avent won the 7.0 class when Mike Rogers fouled out. Avent’s lap was in 6.998 seconds at 97.45 mph. Broadus won 6.0 over Chad Roach. Broadus ran at 6.004 second pass at 112.79 mph to Roach’s 6.007 at 120.04 mph. Randy Tull was the Top ET winner. His opponent Preston Davis left .096 seconds too soon. Tull’s victory lap was in 11.196 at 112.78 mph on a 10.39 dial.

The Summit Bracket Racing Series presented by COMP Cams takes a couple of weeks off while the PDRA Memphis Drags (August 20-22) and the Throttle Fest powered by Fun Ford Series with FocusFest (August 28-29) take center stage. When the series returns on Sept. 5, racers will be competing for more than just trophies with spots on MIR Team 1 on the line and the IHRA Summit Super Series championship on the line.

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