Recycled Material a Big Part of Dirt Track

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
When the Dirt Track at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) is complete, there will be a little bit of the World Center of Speed at the heart of MIR’s new facility.

Over the next few weeks, MIR will be taking delivery of a number of concessions, merchandise and press structures purchased from Daytona International Speedway. Those buildings will be incorporated into the design of the dirt track.

“With the purchases we’ve made from Daytona we’re guessing that close to 90 percent of the construction materials that we’re using for the project are going to be recycled,” said Tripp Wells, construction manager of the dirt track project. “Even the dirt we’re using around the site is being recycled. Concrete, diesel fuel and electricity are practically the only things we’re using that hasn’t been recycled.”

MIR VP and GM Pam Kendrick using the recycled materials benefits the project in a number of ways.

“On a big build like this you are always trying to head off cost overruns and reduce waste,” she said. “Finding this much recycled material has been great. It gives us economic and environmental benefits from the same purchase.”

Wells said the plans for the grandstands will have to be modified slightly in order to accommodate the shape of the buildings the track has purchased, but the cost and time savings more than make up for any inconvenience the changes present.

“There are several steel structures that we’re modifying to fit our needs,” Wells said. “The structure of our press box started its life as part of the supports for the bleachers at Daytona. It takes some creativity to put it all together, but it’s a tremendous benefit for the project.”

Wells said he went to Daytona with the primary goal of finding a press box, but the track had so many other structures available that he was able to fill a number of missing items on his list in one visit.

“When I made the first trip down there to look at it, I had a list of things we needed,” Wells said. “I started to put it together. I saw things we could use as a flag stand or merchandise units or restrooms. There was even some stuff we weren’t necessarily looking for, but the opportunity presented itself and we took advantage of it.”

All that’s needed now is some dry weather and the project will zoom along.

“If we get about two weeks of good weather, my crew will be able to make up for a lot of lost time,” Wells said. “This is an exciting project for us and we are eager to get the track going as anyone, that’s for sure.”

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