Pro Judging Sets Super Chevy Show Apart

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Part of what makes the Super Chevy Show at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) such a popular event with car enthusiasts from a dozen different states, is the opportunity to have their loving restored hot rod evaluated by a panel of judges certified by the International Show Car Association.

This weekend’s Super Chevy Show will have three judges working the car show and handing out nearly 200 awards across several classes. It’s all in a weekend’s work for judge Ron Fetter.

“I’ve been racing since I was 16 and started showing cars when I was 18,” Fetter said. “I started judging at the Detroit Autorama back in the late 70s. Since I retired from GM in 2009, I’ve been doing this just about every weekend.

“I’ve been doing Super Chevy Shows since 1994 and they know when they see our old familiar faces, they know they are going to get a fair judging job.”

It’s that confidence in an impartial look at their cars that gives these car collectors confidence in entering a competition like Memphis’ Super Chevy Show.

“We’re professionals and there’s no buddy system like there are with locally judged shows,” Fetter said. “We judge the car, not the owner. That’s the only way you can do this stuff and have your customers come back.”

In addition to professional judging, cars entered in this year’s Super Chevy Show will have the opportunity to be featured in Super Chevy magazine or on a televised recap of the event airing in the fall and produced by Masters TV.

Richard Krey will be judging the Memphis show for the first time and is looking forward to seeing what the enthusiasts from the Mid-South have to offer.

“I’ll meet with guys on Sunday after the show,” Krey said. “We’ll go over the car and point out what improvements they need to make. I’ll ask them where are they more skilled. Are they skilled in fabrication or paint and upholstery or just writing a check? It doesn’t matter to me where their strengths lie, as long as it benefits the sport.”

Fetter said one of the joys of being a regular judge at a show like MIR’s Super Chevy Show is see a car owner’s progress from year to year.

“We see a lot of photographs where guys show us what they started with and say they did the whole car build in their garage,” Fetter said. “It’s cool to see someone who took that kind of time and effort to make a car.

“There’s a guy who showed up at a show six years ago or so with a 1964 Impala Super Sport. It had some flaws but after the show was over, he came over to us and asked us to go over the car with him. Their goal was to move the car up to the Gold Class. He paid close attention to what we suggested and within two seasons we put it in the Gold Class. It was so rewarding for us that we helped him reach that goal.”

To get your classic car into the Super Chevy Show Car show go to racemir.com or call 901-WOW-RACE Advance entries and race tickets are available through Thursday and single day tickets and entries are available at the gate starting Friday.

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